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You’re About To Discover The Easiest & Fastest
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& Generating Online Sales of Your
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“You Can Set Up Your Very Own Online Store-Front, Send Out
Your Own Professional Looking Newsletters, Have People Buy
Your Products & Services Over The Internet, Promote Your
Own Teleseminars & Webinars, And Have Your Very Own
Online Business - Even If You Don’t Have a Website Yet…”

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Christian Mickelsen

From The Desk of:
Dan Janal, Internet Marketing and Publicity Expert

Dear Business Professional,

Here are 3 powerful keys to growing your business…

#1: Stay in touch with your prospective customers on a regular basis.

Having your own professional looking email newsletter is the most effective way of keeping in touch with your audience, winning their trust, and getting them to want to do business with you.

These days everyone has their own newsletters.

#2: Keep your systems simple.

Computers and the Internet are great tools that lower the cost of doing business. Remember the old days when you had to hire people to do the work that computers do easily? The same is true with taking orders, running sales reports and keeping in touch with customers. The right tools can make your job very easy!

#3: Keep your costs low.

The old saying goes “You have to spend money to make money.” But that doesn’t mean you have to pay more than you need to. Unfortunately, some people who are just starting out and building their businesses are buying two or three good services because they don’t know that one service can do the work of all three services! Don’t fall in to the trap of paying for three services when one service can do it all for you – and do it better!

Are You Making This Fatal Mistake???

As a newcomer to the world of online businesses, you might be confused – or even misled – by companies that want to sell you a different service for each and every marketing function you have.

We’ll, I’m here to tell you that starting a business online and collecting credit card orders and staying in touch with your customers doesn’t have to be hard.

I Didn’t Think I Needed A Shopping Cart Until I Got Bigger.
But I Was Wrong.

I was an in-demand public speaker. I’d speak all over the world. From Beijing, to Budapest to Boston – and all across the US and Canada. I really had a business that operated in the real world and I didn’t make sales online. But I used the Internet to send out newsletters and to manage my list of subscribers. So I bought one product for about $25 a month.

Then the gurus told me that people don’t buy the first time they visit your website, so you have to stay in touch with them on a regular basis with marketing messages that urge people to buy. So I bought another product for about $25 a month.

Then I found that people wanted to buy my books and CDs and training materials after they heard me speak. So I needed to find a way to accept credit card online. So I bought a shopping cart for about $50 a month.

Those were all good steps – and you might have done the same thing.

Then I made a surprising discovery:

I was spending so much time managing lists and databases, that I wasn’t running my business or doing all the fun things I like to do. I was sorting databases from three different systems instead of creating new products or helping my clients.

Then I discovered that my shopping cart could do the work of all the other products! It could send out my newsletters and it could send out automated sales messages. But I found out that I could do all this and just pay one low fee, not three!

So I did three things:

  1. I put all the info into my shopping cart

  2. I cancelled the other services

  3. I “bought” the company! No really, I signed up to be a “private license reseller” which means I can promote and sell this shopping cart and earn commissions when people buy. How’s that for being honest?

Now You Can Get One Service That Does The Work
Of Three Services!

My Easy Online Store is the solution you’ve been looking for to:

  • Build your list of opted-in subscribers, eager to receive regular, fresh content from you
  • Process registrations for your teleseminars and webinars, without hassle
  • Create colorful newsletters that build your brand and help you get new business
  • Send out auto-response messages whenever someone buys a product or joins jour list
  • Take orders through the Internet simply and easily
  • Create products and send them digitally to new buyers automatically

If you are afraid of learning a new program or setting up a new service, don’t worry. My Easy Online Store is very easy to use.

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Linda Claire Puig

Many business owners who are new to the Internet are paralyzed by fear of making the wrong choice of how take money online. Now you don’t have to worry because you’ll have the best shopping cart system working for you.

Make PayPal More Effective!

If you are using PayPal to make sales now, congratulations! That’s a fine choice for getting started. But the business of business is to make repeat sales. PayPal can’t do that. With the automated messaging system (called auto-responders or A/R) built into My Easy Online Store, you can send reminder notices, sales notices, discount offers, restocking notices and anything else you can think of to your customers and to your prospects – all automated.

Here’s how it works:

  • You write simple sales messages – maybe just a line or two stating your offer

  • You tell My Easy Online Store when you want to send the message, for example, every 7 days

  • The system does the rest!

Your customers will find your messages in their email boxes. If you have 100 customers or 1,000 customers, it won’t take you any more time than if you have 1 customer! Plus, My Easy Online Store will work with PayPal as your payment processor. So you can continue to use Pay Pal to make sales and you can use My Easy Online Store to follow up with customers to make MORE sales!

Dan, What Questions Should I Be Asking?

Here are common questions our clients asked us before ordering the My Easy Online Store system:

I’m just starting out and not making a large number of sales. Is it too soon for me to buy My Easy Online Store?

Now is the perfect time to get started. Here’s why. You need to stay in touch with your prospects and your customers. My Easy Online Store lets you do that easily and it will grow with you as you get bigger.

Can’t I use a newsletter service to stay in touch with my customers?

Newsletter companies do one thing very well – send out newsletters. But when you want to stay in touch with your customers on a regular basis, or if you want to send them special announcements, or if you want to send a message to just a portion of your customer base, those services fall short. Also, you’d have to manage two sets of customer databases – one that is in your shopping cart, full of buyers; and the other database that is full of prospects and some buyers.

One of the first rules of efficiency in business is to NOT do the same thing twice if you can handle it one time. That’s where MyEasyOnlineStore can help you save time and money

I’m using PayPal to accept orders but I like your automated marketing and messaging system. Can I still use PayPal?

Yes. My Easy Online Store works effortlessly with PayPal to make sales.

I don’t have the ability to accept credit cards. What can I do?

You can use PayPal to make sales. Or you can consider the offer you'll receive when you check out to consider a merchant services company designed specifically for, and used by, thousands of online merchants and marketers just like you..

I’m happy with PayPal. Why should I add My Easy Online Store?

PayPal is great for making sales. But PayPal doesn’t help with your marketing. My Easy Online Store will help you make more sales by letting you send out marketing messages to your customers. See the chart on this page for all the other services that My Easy Online Store offers but PayPal doesn’t.

What if it doesn’t work for me?

No problem. You can cancel the service at any time. And you can export any customer and subscriber data or sales letters you created before you leave.

It seems expensive.

There are three versions of My Easy Online Store, so you can order the one that’s right for you. If you add up the costs of all the other programs you’d need to replace My Easy Online Store, you’d be surprised as how inexpensive this service really is! A newsletter service is $25 a month. An autoresponder service is $25 a month. A system to do sales reports or testing marketing messages could cost several thousand dollars! But they are all included in My Easy Online Store.

I’m wary of the sneaky kind of Internet Marketer. This system won’t force me to betray myself, will it?

No way! In fact, My Easy Online Store will help you look MORE professional. Any message you send will have your own style because you wrote it. You aren’t going to look “slick” or “manipulative” because you are in control over each and every message you send your customers.

I’m using Constant Contact for newsletters and Aweber for autoresponders. Why should I switch to MyEasyOnlineStore?

Those are fine products, but they duplicate what you can get for much less money when you use MyEasyOnlineStore. Why pay for three services when one will do the same work as the others – and much, much more? If you really love one of those products and can’t live without it, that’s okay too, because MyEasyOnlineStore does so much more for you. For example, those services can’t process orders. For that, you need a shopping cart. Then consider that MyEasyOnlineStore does things that many of the other services can’t do, like ad tracking, split testing, affiliate management and the list goes on and on.

I’m considering using 1 Shopping Cart, which is used by many people online. How does your service compare to theirs?

It’s the same! My Easy Online Store is actually a private brand of 1 Shopping Cart. The fees are the same. The services are the same. And the follow up support and training is the same. You’ll be their customer and they’ll treat you as one of their own.

I’m not selling anything now. Should I wait until I have products to sell, or get started now?

Yes, you should start now because you can use My Easy Online Store to build your mailing list. People who are on your mailing list will eventually buy from you. So you want to have one easy-to-use system to manage that for you.

Which version do I need? There are so many choices!

Most people do very well with the basic package. You can always upgrade if you need to. If you plan on selling digital products, then go with the advanced package.

See the chart below for differences between the different levels of service:

Features Auto
Package Prices $34
$349 annually
$39 monthly*
$399 annually
$69 monthly*
$699 annually
$129 monthly*
$1,299 annually
Unlimited autoresponders
Unlimited follow-ups per autoresponder
Unlimited broadcast e-mail messages
Product-specific autoresponders
Automatic subscribe/unsubscribe email processing
E-Mail delivery rates for opened (HTML only) delivered/failed/removed
Each autoresponder series has its own subscribe-by-email address
Real-time tracking for subscribes, opt-ins, and removes
Personalize all messages with 10 Custom + 21 standard fields for autoresponders/broadcast
Send plain text or HTML email
Multi-part MIME email support
Easy custom opt-in form generator
Double opt-in system that can be turned on or off
Customize your own double opt-in message
Schedule when you want your future broadcasts to be sent (by date AND time)
Easy to use Ezine/Newsletter management
Send test messages to preview your e-mails
Automatic new subscriber notices
Automatically identifies invalid email addresses
Bounced email manager
Spam-Score your messages before sending
Individual Spam Protection. Our system automatically captures IP address from all forms
Use your own 'From' name and email address
Maximum email delivery guaranteed with our virtual IP rotation, intelligent queuing algorithm, and per-domain controls that maximizes message delivery to the inbox
Incredible delivery speeds. Our email applications servers are designed to handle over 1 million messages per hour
Pop-up email capture. Automaticlly captures your prospects email address without having to fill out a form.
Easy to use pop-up generator
CAN-SPAM Act compliant
Ad Tracking
Shopping cart buy links and buttons, ads, and affiliate traffic can be pointed from your own domain name.
Track every aspect of your online marketing
Calculate cost-per-click, per-sale, and click-to-sale ratios for each ad
Split-Run ad tracking
Rotate up to 3 different landing pages
Real-time click-through reporting
Track sales/leads per campaign
Download reports right into Excel
Shopping Cart
No programming skills required
No software to install
Secure and Certified HTTPS/SSL Shopping Cart
Secure admin access
Easily integrates into your existing website
Accept payment in any currency
Comprehensive client management
Import/Export your clients/prospects
Bulk upload products
Import/Export existing products
Order fraud protection with encrypted image processing
Inventory tracking
Multiple email order notifications
Export orders to QuickBooks
Custom Tax Table - US, Canada, VAT Compatible
Taxable/Non taxable products
Automated product up-sell module, featured and related products
Multiple discount options, including order, quantity and free shipping
Comprehensive Coupon Management
Custom 'Thank-You' pages
Comprehensive sales analysis tools
Custom look and feel - Your colors, logo, background
Run multiple web sites from same account
Product On-Sale pricing
Multiple Product Options, all price affecting
Assign product to multiple categories and subcategories
Product Bundle offering
Integrated IP, Credit Card and email blacklist blocking
Customizable checkout fields
API Access to products, orders and clients
Support for up to 6 different shipping methods
Ship by price, quantity or weight
Add handling charges
Offer free shipping
Real-time UPS/USPS shipping calculation
Supports international shipping
Payment Processing
Support for over 50+ payment gateways
Multiple payments options including PayPal
Integrated PayPal IPN technology
Offer alternate order options for declined credit card orders
Offline credit card processing
Support for refunds/partial refunds
Recurring Billing System**
Automated recurring billing system
Auto bill membership or recurring products
Automatic creation of recurring billing upon purchase of a product.
Manually set-up recurring billing for a customer.
Set-up any number of billing installments
Ability to set-up any number of billing cycles
Apply commissions to first order only
Upsell Express
1-Click Upsell Technology
Post-Sale Upsell
Full Creative Control
Upsell Funnels to display multiple offers to each customer
Downsell when a customer declines one of your offers
Track offer and funnel conversions
Full Performance Reporting
Never lose the original sale
Affiliate Module
Import/export existing database
Pay by product, affiliate, sales, clicks, or leads
Single or two-tiered commissions
Recurring commissions support
Customize commission rate for each affiliate
Custom destination URL for each affiliate
Auto-Generation of banner link codes
Customize affiliate pages and emails (Header and Footer files)
Send email broadcasts or updates to your affiliates
Export affiliate commissions to QuickBooks
Credit affiliates for offline sales
Turn on/off sale notification message to affiliate
Control email messages to new affiliates
Affiliate interface customization
Support for multiple websites
Affiliate Media Center for offering and distributing marketing Collateral to your affiliates.
Digital Downloads
Unlimited bandwidth for digital & ebook downloads
Secure digital product & ebook delivery
Automatic download creation and expiration
Digital product & ebook licensing
Online tutorials and user guide
Support available by e-mail and telephone***
Client database limit
Up to 2,500 clients (upgrades available to 1 Million) Up to 10,000 clients (upgrades available to 1 Million) Up to 10,000 clients (upgrades available to 1 Million) Up to 10,000 clients (upgrades available to 1 Million)
Your Investment Options
Start Now! Start Now! Start Now! Start Now!
*Customers on a monthly billing cycle are billed every 4 weeks
**A $0.25 USD fee charged for each recurring order.
***Most forms of live telephone support involve a small fee.

Now You Can Look As Big As A "Big Company"
And Here’s Why That’s Important

On the Internet, no one knows if you are really a credible company or a con artist. Having the world’s best shopping cart goes a long way to showing your customers that you care enough about them to offer them the very best shopping cart, with built-in security and fraud protection. When you align yourself with the best in the business, people see you as being a brand leader and a company they can comfortably do business with.

If you use some other entry-level shopping cart, people don’t really know if you are a legitimate business that they can trust, or not. When you use MyEasyOnlineStore, people know they are working with a reliable company.

Get The Best Security And Protection

You’ll be fully protected from scam artists who use bad credit cards and other ways of fooling merchants into delivering goods without paying for them. My Easy Online Store has numerous features to protect you from crooks, including:

  • Credit card verification
  • International fraud alert
  • Controls that you can set to make it virtually impossible for scammers to pass along bad credit cards or stolen credit cards.

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Bill Baren

Now you can avoid confusion, start faster and make money now.

Fill Out This Instant Shopping Cart Registration Acceptance Form & Get Started Marketing Now!

Yes! Of course, I want to grow my business and explode my personal income using your shopping cart and marketing system. I understand these automatic selling tools will put my business on auto-pilot so I can have more time to do the things I really love.

Sign me up now and get INSTANT ACCESS upon registration:

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To Your Internet Marketing Success,

Dan Janal
President, My Easy Online Store

P.S. I’m even offering you Our Super-Strength Guarantee…

100% GUARANTEE: "I understand that if I'm not thoroughly convinced that is the smartest investment I've ever made to increase my online sales and profits I can cancel service with no further obligations or commitments on my part."

Whether you choose’s ultimate Pro Package, their feature rich Basic Package, the value added Starter Package, or the laser-focused Autoresponders Package, you can rest assured with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee that you will be choosing the fastest, easiest and most economical way to dramatically increase your sales and profits.

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